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Thread: Word of thx and Warcraft III frozen throne

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    Default Word of thx and Warcraft III frozen throne

    I first of all would like to thank you all for making this software. You saved me many cds from being scratched and quick access to my cds.

    I just read a copy of Warcraft III frozen throne into my hard drive from clone cd. I enabled all emulations, but the game won't run (asking me to insert my cd). I insert my cd and it worked, but I can't seem to get it running of daemon tools. What else should I try? Warcraft III reign of chaos runs fine, just no expansion. Thank you. I am using vs 3.33.

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    This Addon is protected with the new Securom Versions, which test the physical media structure. CloneCD isn't capable of handling such protections. Use Alcohol120% instead and use the Imageprofile "Securom NEW V4.8x", this should work flawlessly

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    Just remember to enable RMPS emulation in dt prior to running the game from the mounted alcohol image. :wink:

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    You mean I have to dig through my closet for my cdcase?! bah!
    We do have to make a new image, right?


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