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Thread: 20 post until unlocking "moderated modus" is too long and annoying.

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    Hehe floogy, I moved your post because the suggestion was the same as daemonmulch's.
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    But that are my wordings and not daemonmulch's! Maybe he don't agree to this merging behaviour, because it's not his statement. And really: It's signed by floogy. Bizzare!


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    Ha ha. You're right, now that is rather odd. Maybe there's zombies out there eating away at the board's infrastructure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Underheaven
    Ha ha. You're right, now that is rather odd. Maybe there's zombies out there eating away at the board's infrastructure.
    Nemerov perhaps?
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    Yihaa, my 20th post!

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    I would suggest to turn it off or to something like 3 or 5 posts. I think people who like to write crap should be stopped by this. Or maybe do it like If you register with a freemail account, you have to wait 24 hours before you can post (or maybe before you can post unmoderated) - many crap-writers loose their interest very soon. Btw: Is it more work to delete the crap once posted? This way the mods have to read all the crap before posting anyway...

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    I think this rule should stay, it protects the forum (to a degree) from flaming & promoting hard feeling. Far better to delete an offensive/useless post before it's displayed causing no upset. If an offensive post is displayed & removed after posting the damage has already been done which can then lead on to an unwanted debate, much to the delight of the original poster.

    I'm sure we all have been in forums where a particular trouble maker has been banned, only for them to constantly re-register another user account to continue their campaign against the community.

    Also there are some that seem to think a high post count is important no matter what! they will persistently post rubbish just to get their count up, why they do this is beyond me

    This forum is for support & to discuss Daemon Tools, it's not meant as a chat forum, if left un-moderated too much crap would start to appear.

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    Daumen runter

    Have to agree , waiting 20 posts is too much ...
    I am here for 3 years , mostly reading and it still my like 15th post.
    10 could be much better...

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    see: if you're here for 3 years and you posted "only" 15 posts,
    where is the problem then to wait until one of our moderators
    unlock your postings?

    On the other hand: if you have many questions and/or need
    often help or you post frequently -> you reach 20 posts in no
    time. You have no disadvantage if you are below 20 posts,
    except that theres a slight delay for your postings and you
    can't use the board-PM. I mean, common, you posted 15 posts
    since 04/2004 -> that means that you posted only ~7 posts/
    year, do you really can't wait until a mod unlocked it?

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    Yes, I believe 20 posts is too much, 10 would be much and much better. I'm not a spammer, so when I post something it is useful, and then its not really easy to get 20...

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