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Thread: "Internal Setup Error. Contact Support" when i Install

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    do you run DaemonTools on a company-system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocutusofBorg
    do you run DaemonTools on a company-system?
    No, but my PC connects to a domain when I am at work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 357mag
    I also had this error.

    It was solved by right clicking on the exe file and choose option "run as". I run it as administrator on local PC and then it installed fine.

    I am normally login on a company domain, and probably some security policy somewhere was the problem.

    Holy crap. I'm the network administrator and I have domain admin rights and local admin rights on my laptop and I was getting this error. Did the "run as" bit and worked fine. XPSP2 in a domain setting must do something weird...

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    Default Run as...

    Like the last post, "run as..." solved the final problem for me.
    First I had to get sptd installed. Indeed, you go into safe mode, stop sptd from loading when asked, delete the windows/system32/drivers/sptd*.sys files, go into regedit and delete the entries in HKLM/currentcontrolset/services (lots of help on this elsewhere), go back into normal mode and reinstall.

    I started getting a new error message when trying to launch demon tools: it basically complained that sptd was not installed.
    Using right click Run as... and choose a local user who is an administrator on the machine solved the problem. I am trying to work out what polices are stopping the domain user from running it.

    The problem and solution is indentical for alcohol, so for sure it is a permission problem with sptd.

    good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by phobos0001

    I Have had a similar problem: Daemon Tools failed to start because the kernel debugger wasnt deactivated to i did a format and fresh install of XP and now im getting this Internal setup error, i havent installed anything else other then my sound, video and raid drivers and still get this error, i attemped to try Alcohol 120% and got an identical error and nero requires directex to install has anyone solved this problem yet?

    if its relevent my system is composed of:
    Celeron 2.6GHz
    1gb DDR II Ram
    2x Geforce 6800 SLI
    Gigabyte GA-8N SLI Royal Motherboard

    Windows XP (no service packs)
    and factory issued drivers for all H/W
    I also have did format and fresh install of Windows XP. And also got this error. I have:

    AthlonXP 1800 +
    256 DDR
    GeForce 4 MX
    KT333 Ultra

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    Default Internal server error

    I also get that error message when I try to install DT 4. And I am logged in as an admin. So what can I do?

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    Try to disable anti virus during installation.
    Do you have Dell system?
    Everybody be cool! You, be cool!
    They'll keep fighting! And they'll win!

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    this error made me sick

    I am using win xp pro with sp2

    I am not using antivirus,firewall,alcohol etc... (I dont have internet connection at my house...)

    I did everything in this topic...but still this error coming...

    I was using 4.0 for more than 6 months without any error..
    Last week I tried to install 4.03 but got this error...

    I tried to re-install 4.0 but I got again this error..

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    Internal Setup error. contact support.... did anyone find a way to fix this???? or any body knows a software which CD & DVD- ROM to play discs without needing a physical disc..

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    Thank you. The run-as fixed my problem. I am on a domain and my domain username is a member of the LOCAL administrators group. Aparently, this isn't good enough. I had to run as LOCAL\Administrator in order to get the install to work. I'll bet any LOCAL\username with Administrator privs is OK, it's the domain username which is the problem.

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