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Thread: "Internal Setup Error. Contact Support" when i Install

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    Ausrufezeichen "Internal Setup Error. Contact Support" when i Install

    When I shall Install v.4.0.3 the text "Internal Setup error. contact support" keeps coming up all the time, what should I do? thanks for quick answers

    (iv'e got 3.47 installed"

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    Have you already try to download it again?
    And uninstalling version 3.47 (and manually if necessary)
    What are your OS?
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    Got the same problem. Yes, I've tried downloading it again, uninstalling version 3.47 or whatever, deactivating my antivirus, and rebooting. NOTHING WORKS!
    My cpu runs on XP and it's exactly the same problem when I tried installing alcohol 120%.
    Someone plz help!

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    Im also having trouble with this
    Any help at all would be highly appreciated.

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    [QUOTE=Paddington_92]When I shall Install daemon the text "Internal Setup error. contact support" keeps coming up all the time, what should I do? thanks for quick answers

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    I had this problem, along with "virtual SCSI driver not detected". I was using Cyberlink PowerDVD installed with Windows 98 and Daemon Tools v.3.47. I tried the following procedure which seems to have worked:
    1. In "add/remove programs", uninstalled Daemon Tools; and
    2. removed PowerDVD; then
    3. reinstalled PowerDVD from the original program disc, and
    4. reinstalled Daemon Tools.
    I've had no problems since. If this doesn't work for you, try downloading Daemon Tools again, then repeat the procedure.

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    Default Internal Setup Error


    I Have had a similar problem: Daemon Tools failed to start because the kernel debugger wasnt deactivated to i did a format and fresh install of XP and now im getting this Internal setup error, i havent installed anything else other then my sound, video and raid drivers and still get this error, i attemped to try Alcohol 120% and got an identical error and nero requires directex to install has anyone solved this problem yet?

    if its relevent my system is composed of:
    Celeron 2.6GHz
    1gb DDR II Ram
    2x Geforce 6800 SLI
    Gigabyte GA-8N SLI Royal Motherboard

    Windows XP (no service packs)
    and factory issued drivers for all H/W

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    Reden internet setup error


    I also encountered similar problem when installing Daemon 4.0.3.

    Just modify boot.ini to change


    Reboot your system and reinstall Daemon, will do

    It work for me, hope it work for you all.

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    Unglücklich internal setup support

    bull shit how can i install my DTv4.00HE it always give that error. n how can i edit my boot.ini? plz plz plz soon as possible.

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    I also had this error.

    It was solved by right clicking on the exe file and choose option "run as". I run it as administrator on local PC and then it installed fine.

    I am normally login on a company domain, and probably some security policy somewhere was the problem.

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