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Thread: Deamon tools and windows 2000 server

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    Default Deamon tools and windows 2000 server

    I have a small problem,
    2 days back when I installed Deamon tools on my windows 2000 server it gave me a blue screen when I rebooted,
    I found no way of resolving this issue. In the blue screen it noted an error and that told me something was wrong with cdfs.sys.
    It was a windows 2000 server with SP4
    I had Nero and blindwrite suite installed on it.
    Does anyone know what could have caused this problem and or this is fixed in the newest version (my version was a bit older);
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    I'm now reinstalling the pc, but I am affraid to install deamon tools again.

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    Which Blindwrite version do you use? There was a bug causing a BSOD - should be fixed with Blindwrite 4.5.2 or higher.
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    I think it was 4.5.3, but I will check when I get home..


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