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Thread: EVERYTHING related to "Star Wars: Empire at War" goes in HERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystique
    First of all, dont Doublepost. The new Posts and Threads are moderated until you have 20 Posts.

    I will install the game and take a look on it.
    Thanks, I've tried everything. AntiSecurom, Curerom, unplugging my IDE drives, nothing works.

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    Let's keep the discussion on topic please. People are having problems with this game, and it doesn't help them if this thread is driven off topic with a discussion about the justification of copy protections in general.

    They exist, they get updated, and yes, they are a nuisance. But there's not much we can do about that, so please don't abuse every thread about new protections to express your feelings about them. If you really need to discuss that (again), please do so in a separate thread in the Copy Protections forum.
    "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."

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    Default ...failure confirmed :(

    Well, i simply confirm that SR7.Stop, CureROM and SecuROM (all with latest versions) just failed to load the EaW matter that i made a new image (about an hour) with the latest Alcohol (i have the DVD version) and DPM High Precision at x2 speed.

    The good point is that i can still modify the .xml/.text files for a mod im working on (Empire at War: Total Realism), yet, now im working "blindly"...

    So, is this true that SecuROM updated their protection files or there's something else in the middle? As i said in another message for EaW, the first "sympton" that something wasn't going right was the big scanning time (the SecuROM cursor was spinning way too long).

    Fortunately, EaW did not use StarForce

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    ...guys, still no solution?? This DVD will start getting scratched...

    At least can anyone confirm the cause of the problem? Is is SecuROM update?

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    Has anyone tried burning the image to a disc with BlindWrite?

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    Theres nothing at all you are gonna be able to do as users to get around this

    Gonna have to start putting that org disc at risk and use it

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    Yeah, the patched version doesn't even start.

    Have others been able to get online play working with disk images? Even with my unpatched version I couldn't ever make that work.

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    I am using Curerom 1.2.2 or something. Need to try the newest version. Also, Curerom 2 should be released in coming days

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    Quote Originally Posted by xate
    I am using Curerom 1.2.2 or something. Need to try the newest version. Also, Curerom 2 should be released in coming days
    I hope so. My problem (apart from putting the disc into the "scratch" disk and have to re-pay 50 euros) is that i have only one DVD-RW drive and one StarForce protected game (Trackmania eXtreme). Since now, it didn't bother me Trackmania to be constantly in the drive (since i don't burn many cd/dvds), but now it's really a problem since EaW want the drive madly too

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    The dvd drive is not supposed to scratch your discs you know? Probably time to replace your dvd drive.

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