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    Hey there!
    I know there are serveral posts already 4 stronghold2, but believe me i read them all ....

    Following problem :

    I got the original STH2 DVD. I made an image with alcohol 120 % 1.9.5 build 2802. I tried with DPM high and normal.
    Then i unplugged my drives and mounted the image with dt4.03.
    Didnt work out.

    So i tried to run antiblah.
    No way.

    So i tried sr7stop. But on hand hand it said "nothin 2 hide" or the programm just crashed.

    So i tried AntiSecurom. There he checked the disc and messaged that the disc could not be found or not be authenticated.

    While using CureRom he stated that the security module could not be activated.

    I also tried StarForceNightmare but same security module quote.

    Im a bit irritated now. Im a newbie but i think i tried most of the possibilitys... But i want to run this game, its now a question between me and this fuckin game, somethin personal

    Would be nice if an1 of u could help me!

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    Yeah, you already tried many combinations.
    Try recreating your image with DPM high and a slow speed (1x,2x,4x).
    Use SR7STop 1.2, when you use DT 4, to avoid the nothing 2 hide message, SR7Stop 1.0/1 is designed for DT 3.47.

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    so, when he states that the "original disc could not be found or authenticated" is this a hint that there is somethin wrong with the image. Means that the dpm could be wrong?

    In this way i like 2 know if there is a way u can put the error messages in categories. Maybe "could not start the security module" would mean that he found emulation software or other third party appl?

    *** Edit ***
    okay, i finally defeated that game !!!
    At the coast of registry crash and a format c: , but a price i liked to pay, cause system needed a refresh anyways ^^

    Problem was 1time i used a old version of sr7stop and second that i had to read dpm at lower speed. But i lerned a lot ^^

    thx for the help!
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