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    Could someone explain how does CD-COPS work (what does it check & how etc)
    and is it possble to create a working backup.
    Thanks in advantage

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    CD-COPS works similar to Securom NEW V4.8x or VOB-Protect 5.

    Use Alcohol120% with "CD-COPS"-Profile to create the Image, burn it to CD-R with RMPS-Option

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    But CD-Cops has two editions. One is called CD-Cops (I see version 1.61 very often) and the other is CD-Cops II (32bit one).

    Are they working the same?

    PS. forum looks goo..od now!

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    Default CD-Cops

    Daemon Tools says it supports CD-Cops 100%, however there is no emulation option for CD-Cops in v3.3. And there's error in the online Help and the help file too: why does it say:

    ...ProtectCD © VOB

    You can detect if a cd is protected by CD-Cops by the following: ...
    Any help ref. to CD-COps?

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    Thanks, I'll fix this.


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