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Thread: D-tools Not working

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    Default D-tools Not working


    I've been experiencing a huge problem with daemon tools. When ever i try opening d, my computer says that it has experienced a problem and must shut the program down. When i try and uninstall the d, it still says the same thing. I've tried downloading the new daemon tools, but when ever i press uninstall previous versions it says that it can't remove the previous version and it's the same for when i click on update to v 4.03. What should i do now?


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    Check manual removal procedure in common problems and solutions forum.
    For v3.43 - v3.47 the thread about error 25002,
    for v4.0x the thread about how to remove v4.
    Reboot after the procedure.
    If you use version <v3.43 ask again.
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