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Thread: awxDTools keeps saying something about a .dll

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    Default awxDTools keeps saying something about a .dll

    I turned off secure mode and tried to re-register with the programs short cut and I have both the 64 version of dt and the context shell extension. But it keeps saying can not access the .dll please turn off secure mode

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    try to enable the creation of 8.3 filenames with the following command:

    fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 0

    then reboot and re-register the extension from the start-menu.
    i try to fix it in the next build.

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    i had the same problem, but arniWORX found the problem...

    Quote Originally Posted by arniWORX
    Make sure that you have turned on, the creation of 8.3 (DOS)
    filenames. to enable, use the following command:

    fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 0

    and reboot the computer. after that, re-register this extension
    from the start-menu.
    no way to hav phun wth sciendz

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    still not working for me on x64

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    secure mode is an option of DT...
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    yeap kinlaadare. i have that option unchecked.

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    same error, tried using 32bit version of dt and aniworx' shell extension,
    tried aniworx' solution but this did not help, still can't register .dll


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