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Thread: General pgrades aund allround restauration

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    Frage General pgrades aund allround restauration

    Hey Guys !

    Im updating the hardware on my system and I've got a few questions concerning the mainboard and the jumpers...

    1. I wanna exchange my mother board, upgrade the RAM from 512 to 2560 ( 2x 512 2x 1024) and buy a new graphics card...(Radeon X1900XTX 512 mb) ...

    Now what do i have to do about the motherboard ? And how can i get my CPU and stuff back on the new one ? Are the jumpers and the batteries with it ... Can I do it myself or should i let a Pro do it ...

    I would be pleased if you guys have got some tipps or trick and some hints for which motherborad i should chose or how after what criteriums i should it...

    Thanks ...

    Greetz Ac!D

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    The better answer you will get is... it depends.
    What kind of CPU do you have? what kind of MB do you want? and so on...
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