I have a rather large problem

After using tetris (1.1) to be able to play Farenheit without the original dvd, things went very wrong.

After solving most problems (not shutting down my pc properly, no icons on desktop at start up, artifacts on screen like my 3D card was broken) i came to the conclusion my dvd roms were gone

It seems tetris hides my dvd roms very well. And i'm unable to get them back.
Ive tried reactivating with the tetis tool, but it wont install properly anymore so het enable button stays greyed out (cant click it)
Ive tried uninstalling my drives (my computer/properties/hardware/management i think), but when i restart they reappear there with the yellow ! over the icons in that same menu. Ive tried this in normal and safe mode.
Ive tried reinstalling drivers (automatic by windows) but it says the drivers are already correctly insalled so its not needed.

Anyone got an idea how to fix it.
Anyone has the same problem ?