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Thread: .daa file conversion

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    Default .daa file conversion

    I have an image file that i burned onto my disk for safekeeping and it was in .daa format. The image file has copy protection and i was wondering if there was a way to get daemontools to load it (i have v3.47, i dont usually play games and had no problem with that version so saw no reason to update to 4.0)

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    How did you create the image? What game is this file an image of? Have you ever mounted the image before (ie. How do you even know its a good CDROM image)?
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    i used PowerISO to create and mount the image, it is an image of civilization 4. It has SafeDisc 4.60.000

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    Get Alcohol 120% (trial version at
    and recreate your image using that program. Start the image making wizard and choose the mds file format.


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