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Thread: Why Daemon Tools if using Alcohol 120%?

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    Default Why Daemon Tools if using Alcohol 120%?

    Hi, I've been using Alcohol 120% for few days. I found Alcohol 120% actually creates a virtual CD ROM as well. Then why do I still need Daemon Tools to mount the image file?

    p.s. I'm just curious, no offence to Daemon Tools.


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    You actually donґt need Daemon Tools to mount image files if youґve installed Alcohol 120%.
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    I prefer Daemon tools because it will let you run backups of some securom games that Alcohol does not. Like GTA VC.
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    But I can still run the securom backup of GTA VC by just using Alcohol 120%

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    Daemon Tools is free for Personal Use, Alcohol isn't, after 30 days of your trial-periode you have to purchase it. That's the main-difference

    And sometimes DT is faster for blacklist-fixing


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