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Thread: Problem with 4.03 at shutdown, floppy not ready

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    Default Problem with 4.03 at shutdown, floppy not ready

    Hi can someone please help me, I own two computers with xp on and I've had the first one for sometime, but about a month ago this error comes up at shutdown, saying error reading floppy or floppy not ready. Ok not a big problem but annoying, then I got a new comp resently and when I installed deamon 4.03 this error comes up again.

    It doesn't affect anything else, just slows down the shutdown process, anyone know of this or how to fix it?

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    Got the same prob here, tried updating to 4.09 but it's still there.


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    I've had the same message on machines without DTools, Alcohol or SPTD. It's usually caused by your AV set to scan the floppy on shutdown. I'd check that first.


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