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    Hey, I'm currently trying to play the game from a copy I burnt from the original using Roxio Toast (on my mac). Now that I'm away from my mac, and the original disk for the game......I was just wondering if there was any way that i could get past the "unable to authenticate origial disk" downer. I've read through a lot of the other posts, but it seemed like all of that help was for people using disk images on their pc's. I'm just wondering if my problem is a little different. So any help getting me past this bump
    would pretty much kick ass. Thanks to anyone with help...
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    I'd really like to kick ass here (SCNR), but I doubt the copy you have will work at all. I may be wrong because I haven't ever used Roxio Toast, but I don't think it's able to duplicate copy protected CDs with their copy protection.

    If the copy doesn't work, there's probably not much you can do (however I'll gladly stand corrected if somebody knows more than I do). You'll need to create a new image from your original disc using a software like Alcohol 120%.
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