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    Im a software developer with +20 years of expierence I deal mostly with win32 stuff.

    Im really interested in learning, from the technical aspect, how Daemon Tools maps the ISO image as a virtual CD. Id really like to play around with this type of technology but instead of working with CDs, Id like to try it with hard drives. I know there are tons of programs out there already that do this, but Im really just wanting to learn this stuff myself (it is pretty cool I think). Do you have any resources you can point me at? Even if it is just a list of the APIs that you use, that would be good.

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    Check out VDK, the Virtual Disk Driver:

    It doesn't emulate CD-ROMs, but it does emulate hard disks and includes source code so you can study away.

    It would also be important to get a copy of the DDK for Windows so you can see how the file system and storage drivers interact.


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