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Thread: Computer Wont start after install

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    Default Computer Wont start after install

    Hi all, I just installed DT 3.33 and it looks good get the tray icon and everything. The program "seems" to work but I havent been able to try it yet because my computer needs to be rebooted from the DT install. As the computer is rebooting (i have win xp home sp1) i get the startup screen but then when it should goto login or desktop i get BSOD system lockout with error drive irq not less or equal or something like that. I did a search for the minidump file and found none. Please help.


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    You should be able to find minidumps in C:\windows\minidmp. Please post it here or send it to

    To enable minidumps, right-click on my computer, then click properties, then advanced, then setting (startup and recovery). You should see 'Write debug info'. Make sure it says small mem dump and path is %SystemRoot%\Minidump.

    What other software (burning) do you have installed?

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    minidump is enabled but I don't have a minidump file, could this be because I had to start the computer with last known good profile?

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    At the location Andareed mentioned disable the automatic reboot in case of BSOD bullshit (so-called "feature").
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    It is disabled

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    Please provide additional info that is displayed on this screen.

    Are you able to start the computer in safe mode with command prompt?

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    Yes I can. Are you helping me with the Alcohol also?
    The blue screen I get says:
    I can start in every mode but normal.

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    Thanks for all the help, I got a copy of DT 3.23 installed it and it works great. If anybody else is having this problem I would recommend trying 3.23.

    Thanks Again

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    Please start in safe mode. Then goto C:\windows\minidump. Post latest dmp file or send to

    Yes, I was helping you in alcohol forum too :lol:

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    cool i think i should too try some older versions.
    i am getting similar problems.
    belkira, are you using a nvidia vid card?
    could it be some build-ins in newer versions that is causing the problems..
    i hope 3.23 will run smoothly on my computer.

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