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Thread: Error during install: Process services.exe locked at 100% cpu

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    Default Error during install: Process services.exe locked at 100% cpu


    I've recently reinstalled my pc(nforce 2 based mb, win xp) and got an error during install of daemon tools v 3.2.3 and v 3.3.3(downloaded the newest version when the older failed).

    During install I get to the point where the warning that the drivers are not winXP certified shall pop up, then the process services.exe peaks at 100% cpu and bogs the whole system down. I can not terminate the daemon tools install process by hitting cancel and getting the cancel installation dialog, or by ending the daemon program/process through taskman.

    After a forced restart you then can't log into it in regular mode and if you do not log in the sysem will lock up after about a minute.

    In safemode services.exe also peaks at 100%, though you can log in and do a system restore with waiting about 5 mins for each screen of the restore process to get updated after you have chosen an action.

    I looked at the services list in safe mode and found that the only services running pointing to services.exe as an process is the plug and play and the logging services.

    This system has no burner programs or other CDimage loaders installed yet.

    After doing a system restore to a point before i tried to install daemon tools everything is normal again, though i cannot use your excellent program.

    What log files/info can I provide to help you guys solve my problem?

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    apparently this guy here: had the same problem, though I do not see that what he did to resolve it.

    Edit: Same with this one: No solution there either.

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    I try to investigate this problem..

    Does it happen on a fresh install of WinXP?

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    yes, the only things installed prior to it are coolmon and f-secure antivirus(scanneing disabeled during install)

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    atm, only thing I can imagine of is a AntiVirus-Problem. Maybe it contains something like Nortons "Auto-Scan"-Feature?

    You can try to deinstall AntiVirus, than try to install Daemon Tools again, after that reinstall AntiVirus.

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    Tried that now, even without the antivirus installed it gets the same error.

    Oh also, i tried alcohol 120%, it creates the same kind of error, services.exe locked on 100% cpu.

    I dunno how much the two programs have in common, but both are then running into the same problem.

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    Can you run this: msiexec /i "setup.msi" /l*v C:\daemon.msi.log

    Change setup.msi to full path of setup.msi. Then post log or send it to

    Even if your computer hangs, it should generate partial log i think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andareed
    Can you run this: msiexec /i "setup.msi" /l*v C:\daemon.msi.log
    I reccon that you ment the full path of "deamon.msi" because i could not find a setup.msi anywhere. This one is done with the 3.2.3 version.

    The logfile and screenshots of the two errors that appears in the event application log you can find here:

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    Something is strange in the system - you should never get a message about uncertified drivers. Either your XP is very special or some weird program is running.
    Looking at error messages in event log that you posted i can judge that your system is badly broken by some programs you already have - it is hard to call it 'fresh' anymore. These errors are not related to Daemon Tools at all and just mean that your system is not working normally. Most likely you will need to reformat your partition.
    Delete (completely uninstall) all these programs and also apply all XP fixes. Then try setup again.

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    Thanks for the headsup, doing a OS reinstall now.

    Also, I got the same error when i uninstalled the Nforce 2.45 drivers.
    Possibly there is something with the new nforce drivers with in relation with my asus mb that was messing things up.

    Again, thanks for the swift responses and help.

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