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Thread: newest version acting up !!!

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    Default newest version acting up !!!

    currently i am using DT 4.0.3 ( latest )... but there's a prob.. all Starforce games work but none of the games of other copy protections work like Total overdose, Path of neo etc...the cd-dvd hiding utils fail to hide the dvd rom when i use this version... and all the games keep on asking for their original disks...
    this wasn't the problem when i reverted back to older version like 3,47... but then i am not able to play SF games as for them u require version 4 or more...
    plz help...

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    What did you try to get these other (Securom 7, Safedisk 4) games to work. Which tools did you try. How did you create your images (which program/settings)?
    You are able to play SF Games using DT 3.47. But then you need to use SFCure.


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