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    Default DT PRO Announcement

    (Because of actual posts and emails, I repeat again: DaemonTools Pro is NOT FREEWARE.
    A LICENSE is required (at the left sidebar click on "Register DAEMON Tools"))

    Dear Community,

    we soon start with the betatests for our next product,
    DaemonTools Professional.

    To give you some impressions, we decided to release some
    screenshots today. As always, any feedback is welcome, positive
    or negative. We will add some additional screenshots soon.

    Soon we will also release a full feature-list of next DT Pro.

    Click on the thumbnails to see the screenshots in original-size.
    !Thumbnails/Screenshots are only available when you visit this post in our Announcement-forum! You MUST
    login with your username/password to see the screenshots, so that uninterested guests don't overcharge our website!

    (The Screenshots were taken from a 2 month old build, those some improvements aren't shown here)
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