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Thread: Gaming On Vista 5365

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    Default Gaming On Vista 5365


    As a gamer and a Vista fan... i'll give you guys some feedback of my testing!
    PS: This time i only tried to play the games with Daemon tools 3.33 and also with DT 3rd party tools

    My config:
    MSI NEO 2 LS with Pentium 4c @ 3200mhz
    1Go Ram DDR400 ( 4x256mo )
    XFX Nvidia Geforce 6600 GT AGP
    160Go HITACHI 7200rpm 8mb ( C: )
    Freecom F-1 CDRW 52 ( E: )
    Daemon Tools 3.33 ( D: )
    All Games will be running in 1024x768!

    Original Vista DirectX Drivers ( DirectX9c or DirectX10 ?)
    Original Vista Nvidia Drivers ( 87.45 )
    All Vista Available Updates

    Games Tested:

    - Half Life 2 ( Daemon 3.33 + Securom loader V1.2 )
    This game works really great ( Fast enough... not buggy )

    - Farcry V1.33 ( Daemon 3.33 )
    Works ok but framerate is a little below the minimum
    With HDR and 4xAA activated, it runs around 30fps

    - F.E.A.R 1.03 ( Daemon 3.33 + Securom loader V1.2 )
    Same as Farcry... runs around 35fps

    - Tiger Woods 06 ( Daemon 3.33 + SD Hide 4 )
    Runs without problems ( Good game speed )

    - Sims 2 Open For Business ( Daemon 3.33 + SD Hide 4 )
    Really runs like on XP

    - Toca Race Driver 3
    No emulation possible...! ( Daemon 3.33 is not good enough )
    Vista message informing that the game is imcompatible
    with Vista ( Even if i tried to play from the original DVD! )

    - Gt Legends
    No Emulation possible...!
    Same remarks as Toca 3 ( Funny because i could make it
    run from the original dvd in Vista 5342 )

    - Prince Of persia ( Two Thrones )
    Same as above ( But this one plays from the original DVD! )
    ( Average framerate and a little buggy )

    - StillLife ( Daemon 3.33 not good enough )
    Plays great like xp from the original DVD!

    - NBA Live 06 ( Daemon 3.33 + SD Hide 4 )
    No problems at all! Great gameplay!

    PS: This 5365 version of Vista is definitely improved in framerate speed for the majority of my own games! Compatibility is changing from one build to the other! But Starforce 3 Games are nearly impossible to play even from the original DVD's or CD's.

    I wanna say a big thank you to the team for the creation of this Securom loader V1.2... Able to play F.E.A.R and Half Life 2 from emulation thanks to that little progy!

    Even that Vista Build are getting very stable and more and more compatible.... it is not like playing on XP with most of the games i tried.

    Hope i could help some people!


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    Default Question

    Hi all. I have a quick question. The Beta 2/RC0 of Windows Vista is due this month, so I was wondering if you will add support for it. I've read in some other threads that you will wait for a more "stable" version of the OS before you release a compatible version of DT. I think, since this build will be available to everyone, not just the beta testers, that you could consider it stable.
    Thank you.

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    Try using Daemon-Tools 3.33.

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    Well, I tried the 3.33 version, and it works fine, but as I needed more virtual drives, I installed Virtual CD 7, and it works great, but I don't think there's any emulation.
    Right now I am using the 5381 build, just installed about 12 hours ago. It's the same thing as Beta 2 / RC0, and there are huuuge improvements, but I will let you discover them for yourself.
    Thanks for the tip, and I really hope there will be Vista support in DT soon.


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