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Thread: HELP! Daemon Tools prevents recognition or burning of blank discs

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    Default HELP! Daemon Tools prevents recognition or burning of blank discs

    My DVD drive was working A-OK before I installed Daemon Tools!

    Now, if there is no blank dvd in the drive, it will say DVD-RW Drive (D: ). When a blank DVD is inserted, it says CD Drive. When I double click, it says D:\ is inaccessible. Incorrect function. I have followed the instructions in this thread and this thread. I would really love to resolve this issue without completely wiping out my HD. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    If DAEMON Tools is uninstalled and SPTD is removed then its another system problem causing your issue.

    p.s. Why would you double click a blank disc? What is supposed to happen, Nero or Easy CD Creator gets launched?
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    For testing purposes.... >.>

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    I have this exact same problem.

    I have 3 pc's at home. I use Daemom tools on all 3 from time to time. I dont write alot of DVD's , but when I wanted to use my drive recently. This same problem happened to me.

    Put a Blank disk in, and the drive states its a Cd Drive, and there is no Accesible disk in it, thus I cant start writing Discs.

    After mutliple uninstalls reinstalls of drives External drives etc. I realize it must be something in the Registry, I tried it on the other PC's and the same thing happened. It is definatly related to Daemon, how i dont know. But for some reason its messing up my DVD drives.

    the CD-RW Drives work fine, its just the DVD-RW drives.

    Any help would be appreciated. Truly not in the mood to reinstall all 3 pc's.


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