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    Has anyone any experience of this, whats the view,. I know its not the same as dt and its advantages, but i would like a genuine view. I already know how good dt is is so don't flame ********al just give me an honest opinion.

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    I've never used it, though I've heard it has it's own advantages and disadvantages. It's a nice idea, using small profiles instead of large disc images. Though it's a closer to Alcohol 52% or the upcoming DT Pro than it is related to DT4, since DT4 can't create images. I thought about testing it out, but there's no x64 version.

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    I kinda like the profile keys to prevent warez. I don't think SecuROM blacklists ********al because it is no threat (games can only be played if ********al is installed with the right key).

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    I just tried Hitman Blood Money with Game Jackal, it says that emulation detected. So I don't think Securom 7 works with that.

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    I bought it, and 95% of the time it's useless.
    What it does is when a game cd is inserted it attempts to create a profile, or if one exists it starts the game and attempts to re-learn from the CD whta is needed to run it.

    It scans the computer randomly to see if there are any changes. e.g something is searching for the CD. It then keeps this in mind and adds it to a database of sorts.

    And eventually the idea is that ********al creates a profile that has the bits of the CD the game requires to work
    Unfortunately it forever needs to learn so you need the disc in all the time, which defeats the purpose of having it.

    If you can find pre-made Profiles you are set and they work just as good as any NOCD. But creating them is a pain in the ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokinxp
    If you can find pre-made Profiles you are set and they work just as good as any NOCD. But creating them is a pain in the ass.
    I thought this wasn't possible because of profile keys.
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    I downloaded the trial{which claims 250 uses} and tried it on Battlefield 2 Works flawlessly! I have not had to insert the cd at all since the initial "create profile wizard" did it's thing.
    no telling what the future holds.....but if it performs like this on every Game I run I'll buy it


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