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Thread: Ground Control 2 not working (blacklist)

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    Default Ground Control 2 not working (blacklist)

    Image created with Alcohol 120%, SecuRom 4/5.

    Message is shown "Conflict with disc emulator software detected blahblah.."

    According to ProtectionID the game is Securom 5.03.04 protected.

    This is not an Alcohol blacklist problem. I uninstalled Alcohol and removed all Alcohol registry entries. So it must be DT that is blacklisted. I think we have to wait for a new release.. whenever this is (no release since months )

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    Default Any response?

    Anyone from the Daemon team have any thoughts? Is this a BL issue and do you guys think you can solve it?

    Jim Marshall
    The Internet ConneXtion

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    very, very probably that it is blacklist issue...
    they are working hard on new version, but it will take some time, especially this time, because they are rewritting much of dtools (hopefully english correct this sentence)... so just be patient.

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    Just updated DT

    Did someone forget to fix the blacklist for this game?

    I still can not get DT to work

    Guess I will have to use the USB CD Drive still

    EDIT: Ahh I guess this update wasn't the big one. Will go back to waiting, thanks for all the work you do!!!!!!!

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    yes... it was not the big update... after the big update dtools will be v4... it will take some time...
    this was just a bugfix version...


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