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Thread: awxDTools under Windows 2000 SP4

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    Default awxDTools under Windows 2000 SP4

    Hello I found this problem in another thread about awxDTools
    Quote Originally Posted by duebel13
    On my Win2k SP4 box with all updates installed, awxDTools setup fails with error message "Failed to register this extension".

    When I try to manually regsvr32 awxDTools.dll, I get error message "DllRegisterServer in <Path> failed. Return code was: 0x80040201".

    Short filename creation is enabled on my machine and actually never was disabled at any time.

    Any idea what's going wrong?
    Nobody answered on this.
    In fact I got the same problem (Win2000 SP4).
    Anyone got an idea?

    Thanks in advance
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