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Thread: Can a movie be split into 4 parts

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    Default Can a movie be split into 4 parts

    Can a movie be split into a number of parts before mounting so that you have different parts of a movie on different drives and watch certain parts as you want to.

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    I have just one question... Why would you want to do that? I can't imagine a way that you can watch 4 movies at the same time. Could you explain that maybe....

    I'm trying to make fun of you, but if I know what you are trying to acomplish maybe help you better.


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    Do you mean like chapters?

    If you are talking about MPeg1 or MPeg2 files, (vcd/Svcd respectively) you must create the chapters when encoding, because of an issue with the "GOP". If you need to insert chapters, I'm just about sure you can split the file into as many pieces as you wish, as the MPeg standard incorporates error compensation into the streams. The data is written in Packets and if you break up the file on packet boundaries, you will loose NO frames.
    However, if you are talking about AVI's, it is even easier. You can split an AVI at any keyframe with Virtual Dub. You can get it here:
    Just seek through the file to where you want to break it, and set the end point... Video>direct stream copy; Audio> Direct stream copy; save as avi... You may wish to read the help file to understand how and what you're doing if you've never worked with AVIs before. Then recompile the CD Image (Nero is excellent at this)
    You may want to make sure you get the stream broken EXACTLY on the key-frames(AVI)/I Frames (MPeg) or you will get unexpected results.

    Hope this has been helpful. If you need any more info, mail me at
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