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Thread: The Big Vista Beta 2 (build 5384.4) thread

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    I'll be creating a Vista/Windows restore point before installing next time.

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    Error during install of 3.3 on Vista Beta 2(5384)

    Athlon 3200+
    1GB Ram

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    You may have to reinstall Vista. Sorry. I had a similar error, and couldn't get around it.

    For future ref, Create a restore point after the base os is installed.

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    Default Hello, More specific about your hardware!!!!


    If you guys have read the posts, you would see that i use daemon 3.33 on all vista since build 5048 untill latest 5421.
    I also have different configurations but it stills works without any problem on any on my pcs.

    I personally think that you guys have a hardware problem or some hardware that makes conflict with DT's virtual drive!
    I have Amd based system and also Pentium based systems but either of them work nice with any vista and DT 3.33.

    My main Config is:

    MSI NEO2 LS Intel 865PE
    Pentium 4C @ 3200mhz ( 266*12 ) Intel Fan
    1 Go Ram DDR400 @ 422mhz Dual Channel ( 4*256 )
    Geforce 6600GT AGP 128M XFX Zalman VF700
    Hitachi 160Go 7200Rpm 8M
    FreeCom F-1 CDRW 52X

    HD in 3 Partitions!
    C: 40Go - Vista Beta 2
    D: 40Go - Xp SP2
    E: 80Go - Backup Drive
    F: Daemon Drive
    G: CDRW

    The trick to putt Xp on partition 2 "D:" is to install xp first on D:
    After that install Vista mounting it from xp ( with Dt or Alcohol120 ) on the C:
    Otherwise if you install vista on the C: first.... it will be deleted or overwritten when you will try to install Xp after that.
    Just a trick to make it quick!

    My Second main pc:

    ABIT NF7-S V1.2 NForce2
    AMD ATHLON XP 1800+ @ 2300mhz ( 200*11.5 )
    512 Mo DDR400 ( 2*256 )
    Maxtor 160Go 7200rpm 16Mo
    ATI RADEON 9600 PRO 256Mo AGP

    Partitions same way as above!

    I remember i had complication with other versions of DT such as 3.02, 3.47, 4.00, 4.03 but since i found version 3.33 i never had any problems anymore!
    I had more complication with my AMD system than my Intel system!

    Can i suggest you guys to try a fresh install of vista... but this time only attach 1 hard disk and 1 dvdrom! take away all other unescessary (at the moment) hardware. (exemple: Tuner cards, audio cards, raid cards, etc but also check the bios of your system and disactivate raid controller and firewire controller.... Actually it would be good just to disactivate anything that you don't need to install vista with!

    I know it might be boring but this is how i do everytime i wanna know where the problem comes from and it usually gives me an answer!
    By the way it only takes a couple of more minutes to go through the bios settings!

    Hope i'll get some testing feedback from you

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    Just installed 3.02 and I get "Virtual SCSI driver not detected."

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    Well, I see. After you get that error simply right click on the shortcut created on the desktop and selecte run as admin.

    Working fine for me and no blue screen yet.

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    Well crap, after installing Daemon Tools, Windows Vista has to be reactivated, but sadly can not be:

    Crap, guess I better uninstall, only 12 days left.

    Take Care,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yce

    I having trouble with this new cool windows
    When I try to install the daemon-tools on the x64 version, after restart I get this error screen before booting:

    File: \System32\Drivers\sptd.sys

    Status: 0xc0000428

    Info: The image hash cannot be found in the system catalogs.
    The image is likely corrupt or victim of tampering.

    I don't know what to do please help me
    Judging by that error, it looks like all that needs to be done is get sptd.sys digitally signed....
    The image hash not being found in the system catalogs should just be vista looking for the SIP's and not finding them, so denying access to run sptd.sys as a kernel mode process... AFAIK anyways...

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    Quote Originally Posted by war59312

    Well crap, after installing Daemon Tools, Windows Vista has to be reactivated, but sadly can not be:

    Crap, guess I better uninstall, only 12 days left.

    Take Care,



    I signed in with my Microsoft Live/Passport ID but I just got a blank screen.

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