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Thread: MechWarrior 4 Mercs SafeDisk 1.50

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    Default MechWarrior 4 Mercs SafeDisk 1.50

    i need help cracking a game exe. . . it has safedisk 1.50 i can get daemontools to run it if i have the emulation on but i don't want to have to do that all the time . . . namely i'm not even sure if daemontools emulation works once i've burned it to cd

    i basically just need to crack the updated version of mw4merc . . . i've installed the patch (PR1)


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    You can try mounting the image, then enabling safedisc emulation, then make an image of this game. You should then get a correct image.

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    Default Confusion on my end . . .

    maybe i'm not fallowing something . . . sorry . . .

    i've made a backup of my cd, i've found a crack for the retail exe file . . . i embeded it on the iso . . .

    but my problem now is i've updated mw4mec w/ an official patch and i'm trying to make it so i can embed the official patch/update in my existing bin, along w/ a cracked exe so i don't need to use any emulation.

    is there anyway to fix my problem other then making the orig bin agian w/ emulation on?


    What does making an image w/ emulation on actually do ???

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    Re-create the image from your original cd and it should work fine.
    It wonґt work with your altered image anyway, ґcause protection includes size check!
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