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    hi, i have a question about starforce: up to version 3.7 i could play starforce games without unplugging on my notebook. it has a slimtype dvd-rw with a 50 pin ide connector. does it stand a chance against starforce 4? i mean, if i buy specific media, can i backup my game with blindwrite 6 and run from this drive, because in this sense it is "as good" as an external USB dvd-rw (in several forums i've read that burning to specific media works with USB drives)?


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    buy a USB dvd rw, i think sf4 blacklisted daemon403 so that may be the only way for now, not sure
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    Check in device manager to see if your DVD burner appears as SCSI or IDE. Yes, there are currently some SF blacklists but only on a few games.
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    since then ive tried it and didnt work.

    im still curious though, that why did it work up to starforce 3.7 (toca3, world racing 2) without unplugging, though it appears as IDE in the device manager. it would be interesting to investigate.


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