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Thread: AVP 2 CD-Key location.

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    Default AVP 2 CD-Key location.

    NOTE: This is *NOT* a request for a key.

    I hope this thread reaches the eyes I need. I work for a PC gaming center, and we're re-installing some older games. Right now I'm setting up Aliens vs. Predator 2. My problem is that I have 8 copies and 10 machines. Now using SmartLaunch, I can issue and move CD-Keys, limiting the simultaneous users to 8 and maintain the liscencing. Unfortunately, I can't seem to locate where the CD-Keys are kept.

    I've searched the registry and nothing that seem related to AVP has anything that even looks like an encrypted key. I've picked through all the AVP2 files that were modified today. Even dug around elsewhere in the systems. No luck.

    Anyone have any ideas? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    first: do you run DaemonTools at your installations at

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    Yes we are. I talked to the owner and he says he believes we're registered. Is there a way I can verify that? We pride ourselves on being 100% legit, so if we're not I want to solve that as well.

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    We can verify that easily, I just PM'ed you for more details.

    You should see a pop-up, otherwise click on "private messages"
    at the left sidebar or user-control-panel!


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