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Thread: Support VSO Blindwrite 6 (Updated Plugin Testing Here)

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    I guess it's not possible yet to upgrade because v6 is still in beta.
    I have a license for v5 but can't seem to find any links to upgrade. So I'm stuck in trial mode for v6.
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    Default VSO Gold Membership

    Probably not relevant to you but if you have a Gold Membership key it should work (says cougar_ii).
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    Yes, that works, I can confirm that. Im still wondering what the changelog of is

    Im also wondering:
    - Update playability for recent games backup ...
    Does this include TAGES, Starforce etc, hm...

    I got the changelog now:

    - update some translation
    - fix incorrect installation of EZ-Play
    - fix some registry key location
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    I've sent an email to VSO so hopefully I'll be able to look at getting the plugin working shortly.

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    I now have a test version working. There seems to be a new field present in the b6t images. For now, I simply ignore this new field, and images seem to mount ok.

    Please post feedback or problems in this thread. Let me know of successes and failures.

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    I've updated the plugin to incorporate the new B6T fields.


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    Great Job! as usual

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    A small bug: BW6 Images of Safedisc titles on DVD (tested BF2, Condemned, Over the hedge) don't start the game -> Please insert correct DVD-ROM... BW5 Images do just fine. I've tested both versions of

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    Please send non-working b6t files (i.e., the smaller file) to and include a description of what's not working. If you produce a working b5t file of the same disc in bw5, please also include that.

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    Böse AUDIOCD.B6T always play Track #1 in winamp !

    Hello everyone,

    Software List:

    VSO Blindwrite v5.2.24 & v6.0.0.11
    Winamp v5.2
    Daemon Tools v4.03

    I have generated an AUDIOCD.B6T using Blindwrite v6.0.0.11
    (Same problem with AUDIOCD.B5T)

    Then opened it up with Daemon Tools and tried to play the audio tracks in Winamp.

    Regadless of what tracks I press, it always seems to play the track #1.

    I see all available tracks, just seems to play #1 all the time !

    Anyone else seen something like this ?

    Is this a Blindwrite issue, and/or a Deamon Tools issue ?

    Thanks everyone !

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