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Thread: Protected CD 1:1 Image in Linux

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    Default Protected CD 1:1 Image in Linux

    Out of curiosuty, can one make 1:1 (MDF/MDS / ISO / BIN/CUE) files of protected CD's (StarForce/SafeDisk/SecuROM) for use with DAEMON tools? I hear alcohol for win isnt cutting it at times.

    PS: Is there any way to bypass StarForce for SpellForce 2 1.1 patch?

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    No software can make a 1:1 image, that's a common misconception. The best you can do is make a "working" image. Alcohol is - in my opinion - the best choice currently available, but no software is perfect and nothing can work for every copy protection. As for Spellforce, there are other threads around here iirc regarding this subject. You should do a search of the forums. Perhaps someone else has already posted information that will be useful to you.


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