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Thread: Unable to Authenticate in time

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    Default Unable to Authenticate in time

    I just bought Hero's V and cannot seem to get my virtual drives to work with the program. I tried an ISO first and that said "insert original disk." Then I came here, found somemore help and got Alcohol 120%, made an MDF file and clicked the DPM box but it still wont work. Everytime I try is says "Unable to authenticate original disc within time limit." What do I need to do?

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    Bad image, try to recreate your image with other dpm (high)speed (1x).

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    Default thanks

    awesome, that worked. Thanks a lot.

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    Default me too....

    I am having the same problem. I tried re-burning the DVD at a slower speed. I still get that message, or one saying that there is a conflict with my emulator program. What specific options do I need on DT4 for the game to work? Thanks!


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