An Idea for DT developers.
Is Pacifica & Vanderpool a copy protections killer?
Using CPU Virtualization Technologies against CD-DVD copy protections.

New CPU Virtualization Technologies (AMD Pacifica & Intel VT aka Vanderpool) introduce new layer between [guest] operation system (-s) and hardware.

Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM aka hypervisor) is a soft working at this layer.
VMM (hypervisor) serves [guest] OS functionality.

(!!!) Hypervisor can intercept ALL data transfers between [guest] OS and hardware (!!!) :

* I/O access
* MSRs reading/writing
* CPUID execution

For example, hypervisor can redirect intercepted IDE I/O ports activity and transfer it to device emulator.

So it is possible to develop CD/DVD emulator for this purposes.
It will work with hypervisor (VMM) in the same layer (root operation).

Such emulator will present virtual CD/DVD-drive, which will seems like a real hardware drive for every (even ring0) copy protections worked in [guest] operation system(-s) (non-root operation).

What do you think about all this ?

Useful links:

Intel® Virtualization Technology

Interesting WhitePaper

AMD64 Architecture Programmer's Manual Volume 2 -- System Programming [24593] (ch.15)

Sorry for my poor English.
I hope you will understand my idea.