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Thread: Insert a Disk in the unit

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    Rotes Gesicht Insert a Disk in the unit

    I've got a few images, and with a couple of them Ive this problem:

    After that Ive loaded an image "X" the Virtual CD/DVD rom becomes only CD (and here okay, because the image X comes from a CD), but when I try to open it this message pops out: "Insert a Disk in the Unit F:"

    Ive supposed that the image could be corrupted but with Nero's option "info CD" on drive F I can see Session 1 (396 MB) and the tracks

    any suggestions?

    (D-toolkit version 4.03)

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    You can try open the image with UltraISO or PowerISO. Then you can have a look at the image contents. If that doesn't work the image might be corrupted. How did you create the image ? Is it an image of a game ?


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