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Thread: Virtual Drive/DVD R DL

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    Default Virtual Drive/DVD R DL

    Is it possible to create a virtual drive to burn dvd r double layer cd's? My CD/DVD drive isn't compatible with them so can I create a drive that will support DVD R DL's and burn them with my burning software?

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    simple: no

    You can of course use DaemonTools to MOUNT duallayer-

    However, to burn them back to a DVD-r dl, you need of
    course a capable burner. And you can't burn such images
    to a CD-r, even not a single-layer.

    In best case, you can multi-span such images and burn them
    to several CD-r's, however, to use such image, you need to
    re-upload it to your HDD and then mount them again with

    Alcohol 120% and DaemonTools Pro both can create such
    spanned images.

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    Or do you mean something like a virtual burner:
    Where a image is created when you burn it to that burner..?

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    Or maybe he wants premastering support? Like Nero?


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