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    heelo everybody. i remember that once i tryed to install a version of daemon tools and when i was stting up everything before installation i received a message saying that if i had any kernel-mode debugger installed on my computer or wanted to install any in the future i shouldn't install the software because it was not compatible. well... my doubt is: what is a kernel-mode debugger? i already tried to find out more about this on the internet but i didnt managed to find anything. if anyone can help me on this i would be very glad.

    i also have a second question: how do i find out if my OS is 32 or 64 bit?and if with this question you could also tell me how to find out if my processor is 32 or 64 bit it would also be very good (please qhen aswering aswer both questions).
    btw... i have my OS is windows xp home edition.

    ty for ur patience,


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    A kernel debugger is used for developing kernel-mode drivers. Average users won't have such a tool installed and even most software developers won't either.

    If you right-click My Computer and select Properties, you should see text describing your running operating system. I believe that a 64-bit version should include the "x64" string. XP Home only comes in the 32-bit flavour so you're almost certainly running a 32-bit OS. You can use a tool like CPU-Z to determine your processor type.

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    Default XP Home

    Quote Originally Posted by Bronnergus
    windows xp home edition
    XP Home is always 32-bit.
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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    ty you guys for the excelent response. now about the kernel mode driver thingy... what is a kernel mode driver? if the response goes again to some kernel-thing please explain it too ^^.

    ty for the good response (again)

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