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Thread: Kernel Debugger details

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    Default Kernel Debugger details

    I sometimes use a kernel-mode debugger (kdb, in particular), and therefore have not installed DT

    However, what would be the ramifications if I did?
    All I have seen is that SPTD and kernel-mode debuggers are "incompatible" but what does that mean?

    Can I only run one at a time?
    Can I only have one installed at a time?
    Will installing DT permanently keep kdb from working?

    Could I successfully flip-flop by turning kdb off when using DT and vice-versa?

    I have not been able to find many of these details, after some searching...

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    If you boot with /debug, SPTD (and thus dtools) will be deactivated (for that boot session).

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    Default Re: Kernel Debugger details

    You can have them all installed together. You can flip-flop by rebooting - pretty easily.
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