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Thread: DvD-Cops emulation

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    Frage DvD-Cops emulation

    Please help me to find an emulator to the dvd-cops v1,47 #4918

    I dump the dvd by alchol120 but can't run the software

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    Default Nobody Can help me !

    Nobody Can help Me

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    Default ...

    What game doesn't work and what were your image file creation settings? What version of Alcohol. Is it a CD or DVD?
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    indeed - we need MORE information. It can't be that your post
    lacks vital informations! We have not the second sight or
    some strange mind-reading-machine.:wink:

    From next week on, we will remove every post that doesn't fit
    the min. necessary data

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    Default Thanx

    Its not a game and its on dvd

    alcohol 1.9.2 (Build 1705)
    Settings :
    Data type : Customize

    Skip reading error : on
    fast skip :on
    read subchannel : on
    Read speed 2X
    My dvd burner Sony DRU-820a

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    Use latest Alcohol version (, try to enable Data Position Measurement, maybe it works.

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    Ausrufezeichen alcohol didn't work!

    Thanks Venom386 for the help, i've tried Alcohol (latest version) with DPM precision normal, and i've tried about 6 speeds with no luck (i've tried 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x, and 48x i think). to be honest, it's getting frustrating! everytime i run alcohol the dvd seems to get more scratches.

    one more thing, there seems to be error sectors embedded in the dvd, i'm not sure if this is done by dvd-cops or by another protection software. so i've made alcohol skipp error blocks and i've made it jump 1 block at a time, but still nothing works.

    so , to summarize what i've been running: skip reading errors
    with default A.S.S jump factor set to 1
    DPM precision normal

    and it still doesn't break the protection. any suggestions?

    also, does changing the virtual drive type (the vendor identification, product identication, and the revision level) affect this? is there any working type? i've tried to set it as my actual hardware ( a sony dvd but with no luck also).

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    For DVDs, you need to set DPM precision to High and use Maximum Read Speed. Also, don't use A.S.S., just skip read errors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jito463
    For DVDs, you need to set DPM precision to High and use Maximum Read Speed. Also, don't use A.S.S., just skip read errors.
    Also no luke with this way... i tried it many time's its always stop on 38% and start Skipping errors then complete the image... but its still ask the CD....

    any suggestions?


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