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Thread: Win 95 cannot shutdown

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    Unglücklich Win 95 cannot shutdown

    Hi, Iґve installed d-tools on win95 osr2. Since then, I canґt shutdown my pc. It hangs on the "your pc is being shutdown" message and stays there. What can I do??
    Update to win98 is not an option, since the machine is very very old!!
    Anyone can help??

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    What version of Daemon Tools did you install?

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    Version 3.47.00

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    Default Re: Win 95

    Have you tried shutting down with all the images unmounted and the # of virtual drives set to zero?
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    I gonna try that!!
    Is there a way to make a script to umount and set the devices to 0 before shutdown??
    I noticed that when I just donґt open windows explorer or disable the daemon scsi controller the pc shuts down normally.
    The downside to disable de scsi controller is that daemon gives 2 error messages on the next start, and not every time I remember to disable it before shutdown:-(

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    You can make a script with BTEWin.
    It can unmount the images and set the vdrives to zero:
    (only install btewin)
    Here an example how to do it, make a new bte script file and paste this (you can open it with notepad and paste it).

    Daemondrives 0
    Then you only need to excecute it by double clicking on the bte file and all images will be unmounted and the number of drives will be zero.
    for some commands you can have a look at this
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