Hey all.

I know this has been discussed on many other boards but I'm having trouble burning (or rather even creating 1:1 images of) Medal of honor.

Ive got 2 cd writers, one is a 24x10x40 Diamond Data, and the other one is a Lite-On 48x12x48. I use the Lite-on for creating images and burning.

Now the thing is I've burnt perfect copies of MOHAA easily before using my old Acer 20x10x40 (I think that was it);
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but im having serious trouble using my new lite-on.

Im using Clone-CD 3 to create the images with fast error skip on. My fast error skip settings are 'read retries', 2, and 'Error correction', none, or software.

Now even after this I get problems. The game installs without a hitch from DT but when I try to run (from DT) I get this error:

If I can just get the IMAGES working properly I'm sure I can burn with my Lite-on.... anyone know what im doing wrong? I crave 1:1 backups.