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Thread: DVD-A (Audio DVD) Support

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    Default DVD-A (Audio DVD) Support


    DVD-A is quite new but I though DT 3.23 would support it

    However it seems it does not :cry:
    (Note: I cannot install DT 3.26 under Windows .NET Pre-RC2)

    I made a ISO-file from a original "Creative DVD-Audio Sampler Disc" which you get with an Audigy2 soundcard.
    The ISO is mounted in DT 3.23 and correctly discovered by the Creative Audio DVD-Player.

    The problem is that no sound arrives out of the boxes.
    Everything is cross-checked and for me it seems like DT 3.23 has no Digial-Audio output. The "Analog-Audio" function has no effect, if enabled or disabled.


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    DT has digital audio output, but it works with WDM drivers only ... read the manual -> configuration.
    Check if analog audio works on your system with a normal audio cd.
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    Analog audio option in Daemon is only for CDROM analog AUDIO PLAY command. I guess DVD-A never uses analog audio and it is assumed that application must read the sectors, decode tha data and send them to your speakers.


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