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Thread: Anti Securom Loader not running

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    Default Anti Securom Loader not running

    Im new at this but im not sure what happened. I was trying to figure out how to run Empire At War (believe it or not) and I was running into problems while using the loader. After reading many more posts on how to get it to run past the protection I found that the asr.exe file that I downloaded from this site does not boot up anymore. I have tried to delete and redownload and still nothing. Please help me out. I finally figured this out and would really like to play this game.

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    What happens when you double-click on th asr.exe?

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    It doesnt do anything. The hourglass flashes for a second and then its done.

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    Corrupted download? Non-Administrator? What OS and service pack?
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    Download is not corrupted, it came from this site. I am the administrator. OS is Windows XP and Service Pack 2.

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    To clarify a bit more the asr.exe file used to launch. Only after reading the boards more extensively and finding out what i was doing wrong did the loader begin to no cooperate.

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    So if you just click on asr.exe nothing happens..?

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    Normally when you double-click on it you have to see a File Chooser.

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    Yes the asr.exe file would ask for a file to load. It did that fine until i figured out what i was doing wrong. Now it does nothing at all. My PC doesnt sound like its doing anything and the file loading window does not pop up. After double clicking the file the computer does not respond in any way. You can open the internet, another game, calculator, etc, just as you would had you not double clicked. The computer is not recognizing that you have given it the command to open the file.

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    What are the messages you get when you try to run it from a console window?
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