Daemon tools is really good work. I discovered it two weeks ago and I am really happy. There is only one thing I am not able to do right now. First I have created a clonecd of my warcraft 3 cd and it works really well. But I also have a CloneCd image of Civilisation Call To Power that I just can't mount. It gives this "Unable to mount image. Invalid track number in sub-channel file."

I know that the file is good because I know who made it and he burned the image to a cd successfully. I also burned the image to a cd and it works great. If you want the sub file that does not works, I can provide it to you. Bit hard to provide full cd :-) Problem is we do not remember which version of clone cd was used to grab the image. I can say that I can burn the image with the latest clone cd (being I have windows XP (no service pack) on a AMD Athlon 2000+ with 256 MEG RAM. I run latest d-tools (being 3.23).

Thanks for any help.