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Thread: BlindWrite 6 final released!

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    Cool blindWrite 6 final released

    Blindwrite has been released, with updated emulation for copying new copywright protections. The biggest change however is that it can now emulate safedisc 4.6, securom 7x, and css copy protection on dvd videos with ease making direct copying (if you have to optical drives, one's a burner of course) actually work. Before you would have to copy it to a cd image then burn the image onto a disc to defeat the latest copy protection schemes cause if you tried a direct copy on previous BlindWrite version from disc to disc with the newer copy protections, you would get a non working copy.

    The only thing that daemon tools needs to do is incorporate the updated plugin into their next release, currently you have to download the plugin and extract it to the plugins folder in daemon tools to replace the old one.
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