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Thread: Daemon Tools Professional-freeware or shareware

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    Hello, with Deamon Tool Pro one can write in an ISO image?

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    ISO images are outdated but it should work with Daemon Tools Pro. MDF/MDS is much better.

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    I personally (and this is my opinion only) will not buy a piece of software without a trial UNLESS there is an extensive list of requirements so I can see if I can actually run the thing or I have used a basic free version of the program. I have been a long time user of DT and most likely I will wait to see what pops up on the fourms problem wise before I buy it. I have used this program so much that depending on price I might just sink the money into pro without a trial because I cant see the bease line programing being that much diffrent compatabilty wise so it should work on my computer.

    Ofcourse no matter what the program is there are going to be hackers and crackers and no matter what you do to protect it, its just going to take them a little while longer to crack it. I have only had one program that I bought ever come back to bite me in the arse and it was my own fault for not checking the program specs.

    I feel the pro version can only make a great tool even better. As for now I am fine useing the original DT and will always use it untill i buy a copy of pro as I feel there will be nothing that can pass it stability wise on my machine for a while anyway.

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