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Thread: dtools installl takes long times and does not work with nero

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    Default dtools installl takes long times and does not work with nero

    Since i needed an new version i download the 3.26 daemon tools version, uninstall the previous version (2.60? not sure, no dvd support was in that version)

    After the reboot it took a long time ( > 10 mintues) at 99 % complete install and then failed with a device error.

    Then i enabled nero image disk (It is installed, but disabled :in this profile" in the device manager)

    I again took 10 minutes to install , but this time it completed.

    However hibernation fails in combination with nero, so i finaly uninstalled the nero driver( took some time to find an uninstall button for it.)

    system: PII 350 256 MB memory
    windows 2000 sp3
    windows is installed in d:\winnt
    nero image disk, do not knwo what version, and it is not going to be installed again!

    maybe ist is nero who is buggy, but why does daemon tools fail with an disabled cd rom driver? And what is happening during the install, why is it taking 10 minutes? (I got it working at the end...)

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    No idea what may happen - install does takes no more than 1 min....
    Remove any devices with question marks from device manager, reboot and try to install again.


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