devil may cry 3 special edition wont let me use any of these programs or the regestry hack wont work either.anybody had any luck with the newest securom cp? I just cant get it to work at all. Is it because this new version of securom?i have tryed running in 2000mode with reg hack/SR7.Stopv1.2/Anti-Blaxx_116_Modified_EXE/and others i just forget the names. If anybody knows what i am doing wrong or what to do right please let me know

system xps gen5 dell
512mb 7800 nvida
duel 3.8gig ht p4
4gig ram
creative sound adagy2 24bit

win xp
dt 4.03
clone dvd

Your software is the best guyz ive been using it for many/many years THANX