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Thread: Windows Installer issue

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    Default Windows Installer issue

    Operating System: win98
    Burning Software: MMJB Burner Plus!
    Anti-virus Software: Nortons
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

    I tried installing the newest version of daemon tools - 3.33 and all i get after the Readme pops up is an error saying "You do not have the latest version of the windows installer, would you like to download it now?".
    When i click yes, a IE popsup and tries to load a web page linked to you're old website where i could get the latest version of windows installer from. But, this link is no longer valid and i have no idea where i can get windows installer from : /
    Can u help me with this? just a link to where i can get the newest windows installer would help.
    thank you ^_^

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